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Experience Matters!

I absolutely love this show and it hits close to home because I did 8.5 years in Louisiana Dept. of Corrections. I love the history. Y’all keep going, God bless.

Really impressed so far!!

Just started this podcast, and I think it is going to be a love/hate relationship! The history is fascinating, but I’m sure some of these stories are going to be hard to take. I am definitely hooked! Woody has a great voice for podcasting! I think he and Josh Mankiewicz are my faves!!

Solid Gold a must listen!!

Jim Chapman and Woody Overton lighting up the podcast world with this very impressive account of Angola prison stories! Something for everyone!! Do not scroll past it and you will not be sorry!!


Hands down one of the best podcast I’ve heard in a long time.


Newer listener. 14 yr LOPA employee. Love all episodes, but especially enjoyed the 1st about the history of the prison. Keep doing what you do. #makinglifehappen

Good Job!

One of the best podcast I’ve listened too! The mix of history with facts of Angola. Good job!

Amazing storytelling & research

Woody & Jim are amazing podcasters! Woody’s first hand experience of working at Angola and Jim’s amazing in-depth research is nothing like you’ll hear anywhere else. Hands down one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. They make a great team! Thanks guys! You’re hard work, loyalty & dedication doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Much love! Kurston Dahl

Great storytelling and story of Angola

These guys did a wonderful job bringing the truth about Angola. I’m not proud of Angola and how it mistreated and continues to mistreat people, but this story and history needed to be told.

Recommending to all!

My dad works at Angola and I’m loving and hating learning more about this place. Great work.

You messed everything up

🤣🤣🤣 yes you messed everything up , I’m obsessed with true crime podcasts and I USED to listen to about 5 different ones, and now because of your podcasts I can’t listen to my other ones because they don’t come close to yours 🤣🤣 so please start releasing 10 episodes a day. Thank you for your hardwork you are amazing !!!

Really Great!

Really great podcast. Way too- too much off topic discussions like Lopa and krewe bash topics that are better left to social media and Patreon for the tangents and details. Nothing against lopa and krewe bash. They’re great. Not 15, 20, to 30 minutes of each podcast great, though. Also, can’t take Woody at face value when he talks about freedom of speech and topics. He complains about being censored while actively censors others for expressing an opinion that in no way is obscene, profane, or derogatory. Yes, folks… another example of someone who promotes double standards and hypocrisy. Anyway…. But yeah, the pod cast is good and entertaining.

New Addiction

Woody & Jim are amazing at story telling. Their voices aren’t monotone like a lot of other podcast hosts. You feel like you’re sitting there with them & you’re engrossed in the stories they’re telling you. I can’t stop listening. ❤️

“Dynamic Duo”

Woody Overton and Jim Chapman are amazing in giving the facts, keeping you engaged and are the perfect pair for this amazing podcast!! You guys are the perfect duo! Keep the incredible storytelling coming!!✌️🔥🔥🔥

Edge of my seat!!!

This podcast is Awesome!!! Both hosts have superb skills in getting you so vested in the stories!! I listen while driving to and from work and I get to work and hate to have to get out. I mean Awesome True and Raw stories! You guys Rock… I have been listening for 3 days on my drives and had to become part of the Chase team. Oh!! Love Kelly Jennings too. Thanks much for what you do. SG

Bloody Angola rocks!!

I’m completely and extremely entertained by these 2 gentleman and their guest speakers. I’ve lived in Louisiana my whole life, 49 years, and learned more about the prison system here and all of the interesting information about the VICTIMS!!! Too much emphasis is always put on the criminals and we only get faces and names of the victims on a quick newscast. Woody and Jim make sure that they recognize the victims! Also, I have learned so much more about criminal minds from them. I was in my 20’s with the 2 serial killers here and surrounding communities and we were all scared. But as time goes on you never forget, but might get a little bit lazy with safety. They have reopened my eyes, to always be aware of my surroundings and to do my best to remember details of anything that looks “OFF” in any situation! Thank you Woody and Jim! You are doing an awesome job! Missy Jewell


I can’t stop listening!! Great job!!!


I’ve always been curious about Angola, this is my first ever podcast I’ve listened too and I’m completely hooked. Every story is so different and unique in its own way. Keep’em coming fellas!


As a self proclaimed history buff myself, this podcast is eerily addictive! Jim and Woody are great storytellers!!

Love this

This podcast is amazing and unique. I loved old wooden ears diary (this was my fave I think). Always love the shows with Kelly and just listened to Scott Huffman - super interesting

Love this show!

I found this show on our drive home from the Angola rodeo in October. You guys are awesome!

Hooked from a episode 1!

I have been a fan of podcasts for quite some time. I keep up with my weekly rotation of my favorites shows. When I stumbled across this one, I started with the first released episode and I have been hooked ever since! I enjoy the calm and intellectual banter of Woody and Jim, while also enjoying the stories and the extensive research that goes into each episode. Chef’s kiss for sure!

Bomb!!! Absolute 🔥🔥🔥

Absolutely LOVE Woody and Jim!!! Love the historical aspects of this podcast. Definitely recommend!!

Awesome Podcast!

One of my favorite pods casts, would definitely recommend

Favorite Podcast

Excellent entertaining and informative podcast.

Bloody Angola !!

To say I’ve been super excited about this podcast is a big understatement, I research for fun, and I deep dive for everything. Every episode is a new learning experience. Reaches into your gut, and makes you want to know everything you can about that subject. Now we have wolf dogs!!! I have family members who have trained police dogs in that certain foreign language, those dogs were scary even when I was little. Join the Chase Team so you can see Big Chief in his true majesty and learn how his job facilitates Angola, and the inmates inside!

Wolf dawgs

Great and interesting story! I just wanted it to go on and on. This podcast is absolutely riveting…every episode. Jim’s research is meticulous as well as extremely well done. The rapport between Woody and Jim is so obvious. The shows are very well done and always leave me waiting for more.

So much history

This is an Amazing podcast. Takes you inside the horror of a max security prison. I grew up down the road from here so it nice to learn some of the history of this place.

Long intro

Awesome stories, I’m a RLRC fan so naturally I want to listen to anything Woody is in. I have a bit of a hard time listening to Jim’s voice, just not a podcast/radio voice for me. The introduction is very long and could be a little shorter. The stories are great and so are the songs. Also, if you don’t want to listen to the many ads, become a CHASE member.


I could listen to you woody all day long and Jim is also great I have subscribed to every pod cast you have i thank you for all the entertainment but I could also listen to Kelly J all day too definitely love listening to her talk as well she needs to start her own podcast too take her own advice that got you started 🥰 I love you all I never did listen to a podcast until I got turned on to yours woody and you have created a monster now lol thank you again love your work

I can’t stop listening!

Y’all are awesome! I’ve always stopped and learned what I could about Angola but you never get anything first hand like y’all tell it! Thank you!