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From the creative minds of award winning podcasters Woody Overton of Real Life Real Crime and Jim Chapman of Local Leaders the Podcast Bloody Angola is a no holds barred podcast based on stories and interviews of the bloodiest prison in America, told like you have never heard it!

About the Hosts

Woody OvertonProfile Photo

Woody Overton


Award winning podcast host, Woody Overton, is a retired law enforcement officer that has taken to the mic to recount stories of his experiences in law enforcement as a major crime detective, polygraphist, street cop and more!
Woody Overton has become the voice of victims and their families. He holds law enforcement officers accountable for their actions or lack there of.
Overton, Best Male Host of 2021 in the Peoples Choice Podcast Awards, has a voice as "smooth as butter", speaks his mind and has major credentials to back him up.
Overton has solved numerous cold cases, he seeks justice where there is none, helps the innocent and works hard to put the guilty where they belong.
Podcast to his credit include the massively successful Real Life Real Crime, and Scorched Justice!

Jim ChapmanProfile Photo

Jim Chapman


Jim Chapman has been a historian of prisons his entire life.
His first visit to Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola was at the age of 11 with his church youth group.
Since that time Jim has visited angola countless times which lit his passion for America's prison history!

Jim Chapman is also the award winning Creator and Host of Local Leaders the Podcast.
Jim is also founder of several companies including Envision Podcast Production, Envision Podcast studio Rentals and The Louisiana Podcast Association.

Jim has received numerous awards for his podcasting efforts including being recognized as a finalist for a Peoples Choice Podcast award for Best Business Podcast in 2021.

Jim is also Executive Producer for top ranked podcast including Real Life Real Crime and Hustle Makes It Happen and he is managing sound and video editor and engineer for the smash hit scorched Justice.

In 2022 his podcast Local Leaders has again been nominated for a Peoples Choice Podcast Award for Best Business Podcast.