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Nov. 26, 2022

Prison Exoneration Statistics for 2021 Might Shock You | Bloody Angola Podcast

Prison Exoneration Statistics for 2021 Might Shock You | Bloody Angola Podcast

The exoneration statistics are in for the year 2021 for those convicted of crime in the United States and the results may shock you.

Broken down by crime the National Registry of Exonerations reported in April of 2022 the following:


Total Murder: 77

Individuals Manslaughter: 75

Individuals Sex Crimes: 9

Total Sexual Assault on an adult: 7

Child Sexual Abuse: 2


Robbery: 7

Attempted Murder: 4

Assault: 3

Other Violent: 10


Drug Crimes: 21

Weapons Possession/Sale: 15

Fraud: 7

Other Non Violent: 8


Exoneration plays a key role in the December 1, 2022 drop of Bloody Angola: A Prison Podcast by Woody Overton and Jim Chapman due to their series covering exonerated high profile inmate Archie Williams.

Archie Williams, who was exonerated of several charges was released from Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola after serving nearly 37 years after DNA evidence cleared him.

In part one of the podcast series titled Exonerated: The Tragic Story of Archie Williams , Woody Overton and Jim Chapman covered the crime itself and the subsequent court proceedings that followed.

In Part two releasing Thursday December 1st 2022 Overton and Chapman will cover the ensuing Jail Time, The involvement off the Innocence Project ( non-profit that focuses on DNA evidence to clear the wrongly accused) as well as the discovery of the actual perpetrator of the crime.

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