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Dec. 30, 2022

Country Music Star Thomas Cain Releases Bloody Angola Podcast Theme Song Ahead of Third Season

Country Music Star Thomas Cain Releases Bloody Angola Podcast Theme Song Ahead of Third Season

Country Music Star Thomas Cain had a goal in mind when penning the new theme song and intro for Bloody Angola Podcast, to bring the listener inside the most notorious prison in America in 90 seconds and do justice to the top charting podcast.

Thomas, his wife Lucy Cain and and Alfe Derouen who both assisted Cain with writing the song far exceeded Bloody Angola host Woody Overton and Jim Chapman's expectations.

Bloody Angola: The theme song which was produced and composed by Alfe Derouen of Studio 433 in Slidell, LA not only has the country "edge" that Cain is famous for but also makes reference to many of the episodes in Bloody Angola's inaugural season.

The song which has released on iTunes just a week before the debut of season 3 of Bloody Angola: A Podcast by Woody Overton and Jim Chapman is already getting global chatter by fans of the podcast and Thomas Cain music fans. 

Season 3 of Bloody Angola is highly anticipated due to the rapid success of both the first and second seasons of the show with Overton and Chapman promising fans the best season yet.

Also coming on the heels of the season 3 debut are several companion shows of the popular prison podcast focusing on prison stories nationwide and as if this were not enough both Overton and Chapman are debuting Real Life Real Crime Daily which will cover crime stories currently in the news and other hot topics that are true crime related. 

Both Bloody Angola's companion editions as well as Real Life Real Crime Daily will be released 3 times weekly with the staples Real Life Real Crime and Bloody Angola remaining in their normal podcast drop time and day slots.

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